"To realise your dream you must be willing to go off the beaten track and carve your own Path."

Louise Sommer

The biggest mistake many new and small business owners make is to think that they can do it all by themselves. From a personal experience, let me just say: “don’t”. 


Instead, tell me your budget and what you want, and I will guide you to get the most out of your investment with me.


My speciality is to help new entrepreneurs and creatives set up their business. Want to know more? Read on.

I can help you: 


  • Set up your Shopify website and connect all the important apps such as Oberlo and Security. 

  • Explain and break down how Shopify works.

  • Design your complete WIX website

  • Set up your sales funnels and create a custom-designed, coherent branded look

  • Connect all your sales funnels such as Social Media, Websites, MailChimp/Newsletter and Google Analysis.

  • Set up your business email and design a branded auto reply.

  • Create a marketing and business plan for both short and long term planning.

  • Help you choose, plan, build up, connect and design your Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

  • Guide you to choose the right Phone Apps and online platforms that fit your business needs and budget so you can run your business anywhere and at any time.

  • Create designs that ensure your business looks coherent and strong across all platforms including newsletters, emails, auto replies and social media.

  • Teach you how to find and test good dropship suppliers.

  • Teach you how to create easy and unique branded designs on designer Apps.

  • Show you how to research your Instagram/Google tags so they work for you.

  • Ensure online protection for your creative business and products.

Let me share this secret with you:

No matter how much all the Shopify and dropshipping experts say their services are free, trust me, they’re not. If you want to set up a trustworthy professional business, there are expenses. Unfortunately, many spend more money than they need to! That is why I also can help you to set up a realistic start-up budget highlighting the essentials, along with a month by month expense plan.

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