Your Creative Virtual Assistant

As a Creative Virtual Assistant, I am your go-to person, when you:

   - plan to create, renew, or upgrade your business brand.

   - want custom-made quality tiles for your social media, website,      emails, or blogs.

   - need a quality website or want to redesign your current site. 

However, you should also consider my services if:

   - you need advice, inspiration and mentoring when your budget          forces you to create your own designs.

   - would like to invest in a one-on-one workshop on how to create,      build and strengthen your business brand.

What is a Creative Virtual Assistant?

A normal 'virtual assistant' takes care of your customer services. I will manage your business design, the look of your business and your branding. 

I am flexible with my creative services as I know everyone has a different budget to work with. Let me help you get the best from your budget. Simply tell me what you need, your concerns, what you’d like and I will give you my advice and a quote. Sometimes a custom-made package can be the best solution.

Louise Sommer

Louise Sommer

Your Creative Virtual Assistant