2020 Consultation prices 

One hour (60 minutes) is AU$55 inclusive tax. 


10 hours (valid for 3 months from purchase date) is AU$499
(you’re saving AU$51)

20 hours (valid for 5 months from purchase date) is AU$999
(you’re saving AU$100)


Super Soul Branding & Travel Writing in Business Workshops & Blogging for business


  • These two workshops are available via Zoom as a one-on-one workshop. 

  • The price is AU$220 and contains 4 hours face-to-face tuition via Zoom. 

  • The first session is 2 hours long and the last 2 hours can be utilised as one or two sessions.

  • Both workshops include: creative exercises where we focus on your project, education on the topic, homework* to deepen the learning process, practical tools for use for future projects, relevant material to continue the process after the workshop and coaching (regarding the workshops topic).


*the homework is optional, but strongly suggested as you will get more out of the workshop.


You can view all of my workshops here.