Let me empower you to make your business shine!
Louise Sommer

Why choose me?

I’m a creative entrepreneur and designer myself! And, I know the complexity of starting up an online business, along with the pitfalls, tears and the success. In other words, I know what it takes. I’m sharing my knowledge and experience, based on my mistakes and my wins. That’s why I know I can guide you to launch your online dream business, one step at a time.


There are 3 stages for all new business:

  1. The birth of the business plan, business story,Trademark, Business Registration, product and the creation of the business brand.

  2. The Start Up; website, domains, sales funnels, social media, marketing plans, Newsletters, posting plans and free-bees.

  3. The Upkeep; building and growing your customers, income and sales. Develop website, brand, services and sales funnels.


To reach a successful and strong step two you have to spend some serious time and energy on step one. It is my experience that many spend too little time on step one, and then others drown amongst all the information and demands. Let’s avoid both and get you through in a smooth, empowering manner.


As a designer and branding coach I specialise in the first two levels and will guide you to create a powerful, fresh and resilient brand and a smooth business set up.


Some of the options I have to help you are:


  • Join my Super Soul Branding (SSB) Workshop 

  • Take the SSB Worksop 1-1 via Zoom where I will teach the same material, but use exercises to focus exclusively on your project/business. This will provide you with tools to use for future businesses or later upgrading of your current brands.

  • Book a consultation with me.


To reach your dream, you must be ready to travel off the beaten track. I have walked that way many times in my life. Would you like me to guide you? 


So, you’re interested but you’d like to ‘suss’ out who I am as a human being, creative, a dog mum and wife. I get you, I’m the same. Here’s what you can do:

You can: